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AMM (Automatic Memory Management) and ASMM (Automatic Shared Memory Management) are the collective names for the dynamic memory allocation technologies added in Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g. This reduces the amount of manual configuration required and allows the database to adapt to workload changes.

Oracle 9i[edit]

Oracle 9i allows the automation of PGA memory sizing with the PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET and WORKAREA_SIZE_POLICY parameters.

Oracle 10g[edit]

ASMM (Automatic Shared Memory Management) was officially introduced in Oracle 10g with two new parameters, SGA_TARGET and SGA_MAX_SIZE. These parameters can be used to automate SGA memory management, however, DBAs are still required to manually set the PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET.

Oracle 11g[edit]

Oracle 11g took this one step further by allowing DBAs to allocate one chunk of memory, which Oracle uses to dynamically manage both the SGA and PGA. This feature is called AMM (Automatic Memory Management) and manages the entire memory of the instance with the parameters MEMORY_TARGET and MEMORY_MAX_TARGET.

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